Music Track

Music track
Teaching in:
• Band playing
• Song writing
• Recording, producing and arranging
• Performing on a stage
• Improvising and the prophetic.
• Various songwriting assignments.

The music track focuses on songwriting. Through many various assignments we want to inspire you to write songs and teach you how to produce and arrange them. YWAM Lonavala runs a sound studio,and you as a student will get teaching in how to use Pro Tools to make the most out of your songs. One of the songs will be used in the music video. The music track will run two main concerts: One before Christmas and the concert of the year in June.

The music track is located at the base, where both the studio and the track room serves as practice locations.
For more information on the studio and the equipment please check

Who do we accept? Since we are not giving teaching in your instrument, we require that you are already up to a certain level in your skills. You don’t need to be a professional and have had music theory, but you need to be able to play in a band. For singers you need to be able to sing in tune. Please bring your personal equipment.