Fine Art Track

Fine art
Teaching in:
• Clay
• Paper Quilling
• The Prophetic Artist
• Classical Foundations
• Communication & Brainstorming
• Creative Outreach
• Exhibition Hosting Objectives

The Lonavala Creative DTS Fine Art Track is a pre professional student course where students develop as artists in skill and perspective. Students develop their dreams through biblical input, opportunities, and tools for practicing faith in Jesus with art.
Exhibition 1 :
Gain experience in planning and running an exhibition, this exhibition is open for the public.
Festival: Together as a whole school we will bring our arts out into the public, into the streets of Lonavala. This will serve as our Grand Finale of exhibitions and performances in June.

Electric pottery wheel,paper quilling tools, easels and various supplies for Fine Arts.

Who do we accept? It is good if you have had some basic teaching in fine art. But we have in the past accepted students with a minor background in fine art. The track provides paint, equipment and canvases for assignments regarding the track.