Film Track

Film track – digital film making
Teaching in:
• Script writing
• Camera operating
• Editing in Adobe Premier pro
• Sound
• Pre-production
• Production and post-production.
• Movie history/analyzing movies
• Various assignments like make a script, and experiencing having different roles on the set.

We are focusing on film making rather than TV production, that’s why we choose to call the track “FILM” instead of “video”. The track serves as a brilliant kick-off, if you are aiming for the film industry as a scriptwriter, director, producer, camera operator or editor. This track will give a good foundation for the “School of Digital Film-making” in YWAM.
Throughout the year we have various kinds of small sequence assignments to apply the teaching.Each student is required to make one short film (5-6 minutes). Each student is also required to make one promotional video, this  will either be a music, dance, or fine arts video. In addition each student will make 3 prophetic videos (1-2 minutes each).

Who do we accept? We accept new beginners as long as they have a passion for making films. You need to bring a fire wire/USB hard drive to store your work (min. 300 gigabyte). You are welcome to bring you own digital video camera or SLR camera with video recording feature. We do not work with analog/digital video tapes anymore.

We desire to work towards excellence in our track, but most importantly we want to spread the gospel, glorify God and communicate His heart through acting (screen/stage). The students gain acting experience, learn technique and use this to communicate the gospel.The Creative DTS gives a solid biblical foundation in life, and the provides a good springboard for the continuation of studies in acting.The school year includes 10 creative Fridays, 5 creative weeks and 2 creative projects.