Dance Track

Dance track
Learning to further the gift of dance God has given to you, and how to bless others with it. Developing your skills in choreography and working with others through Godly inspiration.
Although quality is important, technique is not the main focus of this school.
Teaching in:
•Prophetic in dance
•Hip Hop
•Improvisation    (Dance styles can vary from year to year)

Co-create dance video with music and film tracks.
Create a 30 minute dance performance.
Conduct a dance workshop on mini outreach.
Perform in YWAM Lonavala’s final concert of the year.
Assignments on topics such as:
Solo pieces
Group pieces
Prophetic (For example: Through dance communicating encouragements for others.)
Utilizing choreographic elements such as partnering, time, space, and motivation.
(Assignments can vary from year to year)

Light equipment
PA system

Who do we accept? We normally don’t accept new beginners at the dance track,
but you do not have to be a professional or have had classical ballet classes.
Bring shoes with a split sole, ballet shoes, and dance clothing.