The Tracks


In addition to the DTS teaching, we offer these tracks as a part of the school.
You will be a part of one creative track throughout the year.
For more information, requirements and curriculum, please visit the info pages.

Music track
Teaching in:
• Band playing
• Song writing
• Recording, producing and arranging
• Performing on a stage
• Improvising and the prophetic.

• Various songwriting assignments.

The music track focuses on songwriting. Through many various assignments we want to inspire you to write songs and teach you how to produce and arrange them. YWAM Lonavala runs a sound studio,and you as a student will get teaching in how to use Pro Tools to make the most out of your songs. One of the songs will be used in the music video. The music track will run two main concerts: One before Christmas and the concert of the year in June.

The music track is located at the base, where both the studio and the track room serves as practice locations.
For more information on the studio and the equipment please check

Who do we accept? Since we are not giving teaching in your instrument, we require that you are already up to a certain level in your skills. You don’t need to be a professional and have had music theory, but you need to be able to play in a band. For singers you need to be able to sing in tune. Please bring your personal equipment.

Dance track
Learning to further the gift of dance God has given to you, and how to bless others with it. Developing your skills in choreography and working with others through Godly inspiration.
Although quality is important, technique is not the main focus of this school.
Teaching in:
•Prophetic in dance
•Hip Hop
•Improvisation    (Dance styles can vary from year to year)

Co-create dance video with music and film tracks.
Create a 30 minute dance performance.
Conduct a dance workshop on mini outreach.
Perform in YWAM Lonavala’s final concert of the year.
Assignments on topics such as:
Solo pieces
Group pieces
Prophetic (For example: Through dance communicating encouragements for others.)
Utilizing choreographic elements such as partnering, time, space, and motivation.
(Assignments can vary from year to year)

Light equipment
PA system

Who do we accept? We normally don’t accept new beginners at the dance track,
but you do not have to be a professional or have had classical ballet classes.
Bring shoes with a split sole, ballet shoes, and dance clothing.

Fine art
Teaching in:
•Paper Quilling
• The Prophetic Artist
• Classical Foundations
• Communication & Brainstorming
• Creative Outreach
• Exhibition Hosting Objectives

The Lonavala Creative DTS Fine Art Track is a pre professional student course where students develop as artists in skill and perspective. Students develop their dreams through biblical input, opportunities, and tools for practicing faith in Jesus with art.
Exhibition 1 :
Gain experience in planning and running an exhibition, this exhibition is open for the public.
Festival: Together as a whole school we will bring our arts out into the public, into the streets of Lonavala. This will serve as our Grand Finale of exhibitions and performances in June.

Electric pottery wheel,paper quilling tools, easels and various supplies for Fine Arts.

Who do we accept? It is good if you have had some basic teaching in fine art. But we have in the past accepted students with a minor background in fine art. The track provides paint, equipment and canvases for assignments regarding the track.

Film track – digital film making (scroll down for acting track)
Teaching in:
• Script writing
• Camera operating
• Editing in Adobe Premier pro
• Sound
• Pre-production
• Production and post-production.
• Movie history/analyzing movies
• Various assignments like make a script, and experiencing having different roles on the set.

We are focusing on film making rather than TV production, that’s why we choose to call the track “FILM” instead of “video”. The track serves as a brilliant kick-off, if you are aiming for the film industry as a scriptwriter, director, producer, camera operator or editor. This track will give a good foundation for the “School of Digital Film-making” in YWAM.
Throughout the year we have various kinds of small sequence assignments to apply the teaching.Each student is required to make one short film (5-6 minutes). Each student is also required to make one promotional video, this  will either be a music, dance, or fine arts video. In addition each student will make 3 prophetic videos (1-2 minutes each).

Who do we accept? We accept new beginners as long as they have a passion for making films. You need to bring a fire wire/USB hard drive to store your work (min. 300 gigabyte). You are welcome to bring you own digital video camera or SLR camera with video recording feature. We do not work with analog/digital video tapes anymore.

We desire to work towards excellence in our track, but most importantly we want to spread the gospel, glorify God and communicate His heart through acting (screen/stage). The students gain acting experience, learn technique and use this to communicate the gospel.The Creative DTS gives a solid biblical foundation in life, and the provides a good springboard for the continuation of studies in acting.The school year includes 10 creative Fridays, 5 creative weeks and 2 creative projects.