Sports & Adventure Track


The Sports and Adventure track focuses on using sports as a access tool in your ministry and gives you tools to help start a sports ministry of your own.This track helps to build your strength both physically and spiritually to go into the nations and impact communities through sports.

This track Equips students to be fearless, Building Confidence with the knowledge of Sports in Ministry and overcome obstacles and physical challenges through sports life.

The Sports and Adventure track gives you the fun opportunity to explore multiple types of sports and adventure. Throughout the weeks we will play and train in various sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc. We will also workout using different exercise methods like fitness, trekking, athletics,indoor & outdoor games, stunts etc.

During our class times we will learn from the below mentioned topics and ministry methods that will challenge and grow your understanding. There will also be exciting local sports and fitness opportunities to put into practice what you’re learning. This track will inspire and equip you to use your skills, gifts, and passions for His name!

During the Outreach Phase we will have opportunities to facilitate specific sports training for churches, schools and other NGO’s that are interested in. We want to champion YOU to influence the sports culture! You will be using sport as a tool to connect and share God’s love with people from completely different backgrounds and cultures. Sport brings communities together under the same vision and goal; a perfect picture of God’s heart for His people.
Teachings in



To gather and envision people to make disciples for Christ in sports.

To  prepare you to be a disciple-maker.

To give strategies to make disciples in the world of sports.



Come join us for the Creative DTS and share the gospel through your passion and gifts!