Photography Track


If you have a passion for photography and a desire to communicate Gods heart through this powerful means,come and join our brand new photography track and learn how to practically photograph with excellence.The heart of this track is to be a voice to the voiceless by capturing their stories for the world to see and break their chains of injustice.

This track will cover everything from the basics of photography– understanding your camera fluently, off camera lighting and flash, photojournalism, travel photography, as well as editing and post production. All students will have practical photography teaching as well as hands on opportunities to apply what they’ve learned during the school with their camera in hand.

During the year, you can expand your portfolio and gain hands-on, practical experience as you hone your craft.
During the year we will also have opportunity for improvisation and learn to be prophetic alongside other artists as part of the Creative DTS (musicians, artists,film makers and dancers). As you form artistic teams during the first phase of the DTS, you strategically plan how you will use your talents in photography to minister in another culture during the Outreach phase.

Teaching in

•  Photography & God
•  Camera,Aperture, exposure, depth of field
•  Story telling, photojournalism, street photography
•  Week on Lighting (flash, off camera lighting)
•  Social media week
•  Editing/Postproduction
•  Setting up exhibitions


1. Remove the technical barriers that hinder budding photographers’ creativity
2. Give students an understanding of how to use a digital single-lens-reflex camera (DSLR)
3. Help students develop a moral and artistic framework for evaluating images
4. Provide students with a foundational understanding of composition,exposure
lighting and portraiture
5. Lay the foundations of efficient workflow in digital asset management

By the end of the school you will have a clear understanding of how to photograph from God’s perspective, showing the hope and light in our world today. All students will have the opportunity to showcase their top photos in an exhibition at the end of the school.


The only equipment REQUIREMENT we have is a Digital SLR camera. We recommend a Canon 600D or anything equivalent. Additional lenses, bodies, accessories are your prerogative.