Workshop in Portraiture in Lonavala, India
Lead by Russian Academy of Art.

February 24-28  2014

Price: 5000,- INR
The Creative DTS Fine Art Track has the privilege to host Russian International Art Academy for a week of workshop in portraiture.
We want to make this week open to interested artists. You may look for more details here: and also view earlier works on the student gallery here:
Please contact us for more details on the workshop.

Russian art academy  has combined in itself  the best traditions of the Russian academic drawing and painting schools. Those who are interested in studying Russian academic realistic painting and drawing and who look for a decent Russian art school in Florence for sure will be fascinated by a wide range of advantages offered by the Russian Academy of Art.

This course is an intensive program on portraiture. The students learn how to go from general to specific in learning such complicated form substance as a real head. The course consists of several stages of learning: compositional solution for the canvas, proportions of the big form of the head, character of the model, color content, anatomy break-down of the form, building up the form of the head and working on the details of the face. This course is useful for both beginners artists and for more experienced artists who work with deeper and more complex goals for the portraiture.
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The course you are applying for: “Workshop in Portraiture in Lonavala, India

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