Dates & Prices


The next Creative DTS starts September 28  2015 and ends with graduation July 2016.
Registration fee: Category A-INR 200,Category B-INR 150,Category C-INR 100 
(non-refundable for those not living within India). Please note that you will be required to pay your processing fee upon arrival.


‘A’ Category – INR 250000/-
‘B’ Category – INR 150000/-
‘C’ Category – INR 46000/-
The fees covers
– DTS Lecture phase:
Includes housing and food,honorarium for teachers ,love feast,UofN Registration for DTS Credits and needed supplies for the DTS.

-Creative phase:
Includes housing and food,honorarium for teachers love feast,UofN Registration for Creative credits and needed equipment & supplies for the tracks.

– Outreach:
2 weeks mini-outreaches and the eight week long outreach in India.

For all international Outreach Teams (airfares,visa fees and a extra outreach fees) will need to be paid in additional depending on the countries you are going.

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